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The Undelete Company

The Undelete Company specializes in disk utilities and turnkey solutions for data recovery and reconstruction of files in various popular formats. We offer an entire spectrum of software products intended for recovery of deleted and damaged files from any mediums, including hard drives, removable storages of any kinds, digital cameras, CD's and DVD's...
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Invest in The Undelete now- the File Recovery Solution to recover your lost files and deleted documents is here

February 18, 2014: Have you lost files or deleted documents you needed? Your File Recovery Solution is finally here making data recovery and file recovery automatic. With The Undelete you have a complete data recovery solution for NTFS and FAT drives.

Using The Undelete does not require any technical skills. With The Undelete you can undelete deleted files from HDD, USB or any memory cards, even those you have undeleted from the Windows Recycle Bin, whether it is an office document, ZIP, RAR file or digital pictures.

According to a representative of The Undelete Company, "The unique Live Preview feature allows you previewing files before undeleting, ensuring the correct recovery." The representative further says, "Accidentally deleting a document or formatting a disk can become a disaster without proper recovery tools.” The Undelete’s Live Preview supports documents, images, archives, audio and video files, e-mail files, databases, help files, CriptoDisk format and Virtual Disks.

Its Smart Search feature supports over 250 file formats giving priority to recovering documents, archives and pictures over everything else, ensuring the recovery of valuable information. Similarly its Export Wizard allows recovered files to be saved to any hard drive (HDD or SSD), including network storage, burned on CD or DVD or uploaded over FTP.

About The Undelete Company: The Undelete Company markets software data recovery solutions for recovering deleted files, fixing data corruption and restoring normal hard drive operations. It specializes in disk utilities and turnkey solutions for restoration and reconstruction of files in various popular formats. Ultimately its aim is making it possible for everyone to fix their data-related problems on-site, without sending out the hard disk for recovery. Visit its website here

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