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The Undelete Company

The Undelete Company specializes in disk utilities and turnkey solutions for data recovery and reconstruction of files in various popular formats. We offer an entire spectrum of software products intended for recovery of deleted and damaged files from any mediums, including hard drives, removable storages of any kinds, digital cameras, CD's and DVD's...
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The Undelete Latest News

Thursday, February 27, 2014
The Undelete Recovers Files and Folders from 10 New File Systems

The Undelete Company updates its signature file recovery tool

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014
Invest in The Undelete now- the File Recovery Solution to recover your lost files and deleted documents is here

Your File Recovery Solution is finally here making data recovery and file recovery automatic

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014
The Undelete Company’s HDD Recovery Pro software opens door for data recovery

The Undelete Company has presented you with the ultimate solution that is as real as real can be

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Free Disk Wipe - data cleanup and file erase tool

Free Disk Wipe - Freeware

Wipe Sensitive Data - Free!

Clean up all traces of sensitive information from your hard disk for absolutely free! Make deleted files completely irrecoverable, guaranteed. Free Disk Wipe erases selected files and data from your hard disk securely and with no traces left. Files and data wiped with Free Disk Wipe will be impossible to recover even in an FBI lab!

Why Using Secure File Wipe

When you erase a file or folder with a regular 'Delete' command in Windows, the actual data is not being wiped off the hard drive. Assuming that you don't have the Recycle Bin enabled, or that you are removing files from the Recycle Bin, Windows simply marks a file as 'deleted' in the file system without even touching its actual contents. The contents of the deleted file remain on the hard disk, available to anyone to be restored or viewed.

If you want to get rid of sensitive information, you must overwrite the contents of the file on the surface of the hard disk; otherwise, anyone can access it later. After all, The Undelete produces quite a few tools for doing just that!

Why Simply Overwriting Files Is Not Enough

Having said that, simply overwriting the contents of the file is not enough to guarantee security. Of course, if you write zeroes on top of the original contents of the file, no data recovery software can recover that file, even that produced by The Undelete. But bring the disk to a clean lab, and their data recovery specialists will still be able to recover most of the contents that you considered gone forever! The data recovery methods of the recovery labs has little to do with data recovery software, and are based on residual electromagnetic resonance that is still present on the disk even after you write all zeroes over the file's contents.

Doing Secure File Delete the Right Way

As you see, it is quite a difficult task to get rid of unwanted data finally and completely. However, it is still achievable if handled properly. Generating a sequence of random information and writing that sequence over the original file's contents makes it practically impossible to recover the original contents of the file even in a clean lab. In order to make the recovery even theoretically impossible, a military-certified process of data destruction can be applied. The military standard specifies the use of a cryptographically strong sequence of random numbers that is written over the original contents of the file not once but three times in a raw. This military-grade data destruction process guarantees the impossibility of data recovery even if an alien state puts all of its resources to analyze your hard disk!

Hou to use Free Disk Wipe:

  • Download Free Disk Wipe
  • Run program
  • Choose a hard disk
  • Choose a folder
  • Choose a file
  • Press on the 'Delete File'button and choosen file will completely erase.

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