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Accidentally deleted a bunch of documents? Lost a day’s worth of spreadsheets after a system failure? Recover corrupted documents in Microsoft Office format, locate and restore deleted files and undelete overwritten data with Office Recovery!
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#6: A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Hard Disk Recovery

If you experienced a problem with your computer, you may get lost or corrupted files, corrupted data, damaged file structures, or even completely inaccessible partitions or disks. This article suggests a route to take in order to get back your files and data and fix the corrupted volumes.

Why Hard Disks Lose Data?

Data corruption occurs because of hardware or software problems, or quite frequently both.

Modern hard disks are complex pieces of hi-tech electronics with moving parts inside. Power surges, physical shocks, electrical damages, as well as overclocking and overheating of either the drive or the surrounding computer components are major causes of hardware-induced data errors. Faulty RAM memory modules are also responsible for corrupted data written to the hard disks.

Today's software consists of millions lines of code, and interoperates with the billions lines of code that make the Windows operating system. A software error, a bug in Windows, or a faulty driver contributes to system instability.

Combined hardware and software failures often occur. If a computer overheats, the stability of its components declines significantly, making a system crash more than just possible. Power surges and electric problems, incompatibility problems and conflicts between various system components may cause wrong data written to the disk, resulting in loss of files and data. Malicious software such as viruses, spyware and Trojan horses can intentionally corrupt data on your PC.

Due to the combinations of these errors, you get varying degree of damage to your data. Corrupted or disappearing files, inaccessible folders, funny file names, or entire partitions inaccessible or corrupted are all possible results of these faults.

What Are The Possibilities?

If you're not excited with disappeared and corrupted data, you're bound to fix things. There are a few options that you can exercise to recover lost data and fix corrupted files and folders.

The most certain, whilst the most expensive option would be bringing or mailing your hard disk to data recovery specialist. Enough said: quick and professional work combined with pricing that is prohibited to most but the wealthiest corporations.

Doing it yourself is another possibility. As the problem you're about to fix relies with logical inconsistencies of the structures on the hard drive and not the disk's hardware, you won't need a screwdriver. In fact, you'll only need dedicated disk recovery software.

Hard disk recovery software can do what Windows can't: recover lost files and corrupted data as well as fix the corrupted file system structures and repair low-level structural problems with the volumes and partitions on the hard drive. Too many new words? You don't need to know what's the difference between a 'volume' and 'partition' if you use proper disk recovery tools!

Where do you get software for disk recovery? offers a variety of tools to help you fix hard drives, partitions, files, data, office documents, digital pictures, and even corrupted mail folders easily and automatically.

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