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Office Recovery

Accidentally deleted a bunch of documents? Lost a day’s worth of spreadsheets after a system failure? Recover corrupted documents in Microsoft Office format, locate and restore deleted files and undelete overwritten data with Office Recovery!
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#9: Fixing Hard Drives with Disk Recovery Software

Hard drive failures and resulting data corruption produce losses that can be only compared to massive virus attacks. Fortunately, you can often fix your data yourself, exactly as you can deal with a virus infection. In both cases you'll require proper tools. This article explains your disk recovery options in case of a hard drive failure or data corruption.

The Undelete offers a number of disk recovery products to help you deal with deleted files, damaged disks and corrupted file systems. As there are various types of disk problems, The Undelete offers different solutions to help you get back on track as quickly as possible.

HDD Recovery Pro is by far the most powerful disk recovery software among the products offered by The Undelete. If your disk is completely inaccessible or if there is severe damage to the file system, HDD Recovery Pro is here to fix your partitions, repair the file system and recover lost files and data. Being a top-of-the-line product, HDD Recovery Pro combines all the features of the rest of data recovery products offered by The Undelete.

If you are using the latest technology and don't have any disks with file systems other than NTFS, then NTFS Data Recovery may be the right product for you. Being as powerful as HDD Recovery Pro, NTFS Data Recovery only lacks the ability to repair the FAT formatted partitions. Why pay the full price if you are only going to use half technology? NTFS Data Recovery is an expert disk recovery tool designed specifically to treat damaged NTFS volumes. No matter how seriously your disks or volumes are damaged, NTFS Data Recovery will find and repair the NTFS partitions and recover lost files and corrupted data.

Deleted a file by an accident? That's easy! You don't need complex disk recovery software to get your files back. Instead, try The Undelete (name of product). Unlike competition, The Undelete never relies on the file system alone to discover the deleted files. Instead, the product scans the entire hard drive in order to locate the erased files and reconstruct the correct order of its pieces. The Undelete can often recover files that no other product can even find on your hard drive!

Shooting digital? Recover flash memory cards and unerase deleted images from your hard drive with D-Photo Recovery! While not exactly a disk recovery tool, D-Photo Recovery is a powerful specialized tool for digital photographers. It's no secret that even the latest technology flash cards can fail for no obvious reason. They can be accidentally formatted, or you can delete a picture by an accident. D-Photo Recovery scans the entire memory card or the hard disk and locates digital pictures even if the flash card or disk is completely inaccessible! This disk recovery product uses file signatures specific to digital images to discover files based on their content instead on what's left of the file system, giving you the highest chance of successful recovery among similar products.

Choose a disk recovery product depending on your needs. Don't pay more than you need to, but don't go too low either. Using the wrong kind of disk recovery software can cause more damage to your disk structures and data, so choose appropriately. Try The Undelete products for absolutely free! Download your evaluation copy from

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HDD Recovery Pro by The Undelete

Recover lost data from damaged NTFS and FAT hard drives

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