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Accidentally deleted a bunch of documents? Lost a day’s worth of spreadsheets after a system failure? Recover corrupted documents in Microsoft Office format, locate and restore deleted files and undelete overwritten data with Office Recovery!
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#7: Recovering Hard Drive Data after a System Crash

Hard drive data recovery after a system failure is easily possible for anyone. You don't have to be a certified computer technician to recover data from the corrupted hard drive, but you ought to use proper tools. Intrigued? Read along!

Parts of the modern computers are amazingly reliable, yet they still fail for various reasons. Stretching the reliability by overclocking and hence overheating is a common reason for data corruption and loss of files. Power outages are a sad reality of the of today's world, leading the list of reasons for system failures and data corruption. Finally, software errors and malicious software are all that common, contributing to the growing list of disasters waiting to happen to your precious data.

Can you protect your hard drive against data corruption? You can, to a degree. Overclocking is only a problem to a small group of enthusiasts who probably know what they are doing. There's probably not that much valuable information on the overclockers' computers anyway. Overheating can still happen because of a dusty fan or a failed cooler. Keep your computer case clean inside and out, and you're covered for the most part.

Power outages and blackouts are covered with the purchase of an external battery or a UPS, a highly recommended precaution for everyone. A good antivirus, timely system updates and tight security policies can screen you from most viruses and malware.

But what are you going to do about buggy software? Any particular product can crash due to an internal bug, which leads to data corruption for the files that product was using at the time the crash has occurred. Windows itself is not completely free of bugs, causing crashes and failures here and there. No wonder your data is not as safe as it should have been!

There is not much you can do about bugs in Windows and third party software. Making regular data backups is the only precaution here, though rarely done by most mortals. Once a crash happens, the only thing you can do to salvage your data is hard drive recovery.

Recovering data from the hard drive requires either a deep knowledge of the Windows file systems, FAT and NTFS, or the hard drive data recovery tools. The data recovery tools are widely available on the market, and choosing the right tool for hard drive data recovery can be tricky.

There are numerous companies marketing disk data recovery products. The Undelete is one such company, offering a number of hard drive and data recovery products. Depending on your situation and on what exactly you need or want to recover, you may choose a product to match your needs. HDD Recovery Pro is probably the closest match if your hard drive is corrupted or even completely inaccessible. If you were using NTFS, then NTFS Data Recovery might be the product for you. Digital pictures, Office documents and other types of files can be recovered either with these products or inexpensive file recovery tools.

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HDD Recovery Pro by The Undelete

Recover lost data from damaged NTFS and FAT hard drives

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