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Office Recovery

Accidentally deleted a bunch of documents? Lost a day’s worth of spreadsheets after a system failure? Recover corrupted documents in Microsoft Office format, locate and restore deleted files and undelete overwritten data with Office Recovery!
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#1: Data Recovery on NTFS Volumes

The first file system used on IBM compatible PCs was FAT. Microsoft used FAT in all of its DOS operating systems, and continued using it in early versions of Windows. The computer technology didn't hold still, and computing requirements and hardware have changed with the time. Bigger hard disks and increased demands to storage capacity and reliability required for a new file system. Microsoft has responded with exactly that - the New Technology File System, NTFS.

NTFS addressed one of the biggest problems with FAT. Designed in the early days of computer technology, the FAT file system included no built-in data recovery and reliability features. Owners of larger hard disks have experienced file system corruption problems more than once as a result of system crashes, hardware failures, and software errors. While Microsoft and the third parties have supplied data recovery of varying quality, the file system problems still resulted in a data loss.

The situation has changed with the introduction of NTFS. First implemented by Microsoft in the enterprise-level system called Windows NT, the new file system allowed for much more reliable operation of production-load servers and workstations. The built-in reliability features allowed for a transaction-based, fully recoverable operation of the file system.

Somehow, owners of the larger hard disks continue experiencing intermittent data loss and file system corruption. Why? To answer the question, let's look on how exactly NTFS reliability and recoverability features work.

As mentioned earlier in this article, NTFS is a transaction-based file system. Unlike in the older FAT, in NTFS each write operation is either completed in full or not at all. This is achieved by maintaining a transaction journal, a log file that records information on the status of all transactions. If, for example, there is a power outage and your computer turns off during a write operation, you'd get a certain degree of corruption if FAT was used. In case of NTFS, once you turn on the PC, Windows will analyze the log file and commit all completed transactions while undoing all incomplete operations.

Sounds reasonable and secure enough? It is heads better than FAT, but clearly the transaction logging and NTFS recovery features cannot and do not guarantee that no data will ever be lost or corrupted on NTFS disks. The reliability features only ensure that NTFS file system will not enter the inconsistent state, but does not guarantee that no data will be lost. It is still easily possible to damage NTFS volumes by accessing it from incompatible operating systems, with incompatible drivers, or if there are hardware problems with the computer.

So what would you do if you are among the many users who experienced NTFS failure to keep your data intact, and the built-in recovery features don't provide a satisfactory result? Running Windows checkdisk won't help you get your data back; it will just fix minor inconsistencies found in NTFS volumes. If your NTFS partitions are severely damaged, or if you still want to get your files back, get dedicated data recovery software that supports NTFS volumes.

NTFS Data Recovery is one of such tools. NTFS Data Recovery takes care of major problems with NTFS integrity, fixing serious corruption where Windows checkdisk passes. Most importantly, NTFS Data Recovery is designed to fix problems and let you get your data back. If there were any files or folders lost during a system failure or after a power outage, nothing but NTFS Data Recovery or alike will get your data back!

If you tried everything else to recover data on a corrupted NTFS volume, try NTFS Data Recovery. Download your free evaluation copy at

NTFS recovery

NTFS Data Recovery

The free version of NTFS Data Recovery shows you a Live Preview of your lost, deleted or corrupted office documents and pictures before you make a decision to recover one or another.

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