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Office Recovery

Canít find an urgent presentation? Deleted an important spreadsheet? Word documents are corrupted because of a system failure? Donít panic! Office Recovery will restore corrupted documents and undelete erased files quickly and efficiently.
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Damaged FAT Partition Recovery Software

Damaged FAT Partition Recovery Software

FAT Recovery

Recover data from damaged or formatted disks with this automatic tool.

Recover FAT Disks and Partitions

NTFS is the latest trend in modern versions of Windows. That is why The Undelete offered its NTFS Data Recovery product for many years. But what if you are using a not-so-new version of Windows, or what if you need to recover that flash memory card? Windows 95, 98, and ME can only use FAT16 and FAT32, and most flash memory drives are formatted with FAT32, forcing you to a costly upgrade to Hard Drive Recovery.

Donít Overpay!

Save a bunch of money ($70 to be exact) by ordering FAT Recovery instead of Hard Drive Recovery! If all your partitions are formatted with FAT, or if you only recover flash memory cards, there is no need paying more for the features youíll never use.

Undelete Files

Undeleting erased files and documents is the primary goal of FAT Recovery. By scanning the entire surface of a disk, FAT Recovery finds files that were saved multiple times, overwritten or deleted a long time ago.

Recover Disks and Partitions

Fixing damaged disks and corrupted partitions is perfectly achievable with the easy step-by-step wizard. FAT Recovery starts by looking up for your files and documents, restoring them to a safe place, and recovering the damaged disk or partition. Everything is done completely automatically.

Retrieve Photos from Corrupted Memory Cards

Whatís the point in recovering the file system on a corrupted memory card when you can re-format it in just seconds? FAT Recovery retrieves the deleted file from healthy and corrupted media just as easily. By scanning the entire memory card, FAT Recovery finds and recovers digital pictures even if the memory card has been formatted several times in a raw.

Advanced Recovery Technologies

FAT Recovery uses the same data recovery technologies found in NTFS Data Recovery and the much more expensive HDD Recovery Pro. The PowerSearch technology locates and restores every recoverable file on the disk by scanning the entire surface of the faulty drive sector by sector. Instead of relying solely on the file system to deliver information about the lost files, PowerSearch matches certain types of files, such as Office documents, digital pictures, and ZIP and RAR archives, against a pre-defined set of signatures.


FAT Recovery supports FAT16 and FAT32 file systems, and runs on Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, and Vista.

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