Protecting Against Data Loss Before An Office Relocation

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Moving to a new office can be pretty daunting for any company. Right now, you have everything exactly where you want it and can go through your day without any problem. You have your workstation set up just as you need with your trusted computer, all your files exactly where you left them, and every other crucial piece of tech.

The worst-case scenario here is that something gets lost or damaged in transit. With vital computers and hard drives, this is more than just physical loss and damage. There is also the risk of data loss. When you work with the best removal company Northampton and use appropriate precautionary measures, you should have the peace of mind to know that you won’t have to call a data recovery team any time soon.

Prep all your data and systems before you move.

The best approach before the big move to a new office is to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. The better your protection for your data and files, the better your chances of everything being where you saved it. The first step is to back everything up. Cloud storage should be a go-to protection anyway for important files, but it doesn’t hurt to double down on this. Physical back-ups through external hard drives and thumb drives also help. The downside is that you are left with more items to keep safe and relocate, but it is worth the effort. Finally, create an inventory of all your files and where they are so you can tell if there is a problem.

From there, you can start packing your equipment as carefully as possible. Shut everything down properly to avoid any crashes or data corruption due to misuse. Let everything cool down and get everything wrapped up to protect them from damage and dust. You can also seal smaller items with important files to see if they were tampered with mid-move. This will help deter thieves and show movers that these items need special attention.

Work with a reliable local removal company.

You are responsible for your data and computers as an office manager or team leader. However, you must also ensure that the removal company for hire has experience with computer equipment and office removals. Consult with them to learn about their methods and look at testimonials. Can they provide suitable materials to load your equipment carefully? Are they aware of any temperature requirements to protect your tech?

Creating a strong chain of custody.

Finally, it helps to have a strong chain of custody in place for even better protection. You need to know who can access all your equipment and files during the move. The fewer people connected with this task, the lower the risk of loss or breakdowns in communication. Should anything go wrong, you know who to talk to about retrieving the data and resolving the situation.

Computer loss and damage and the need for data recovery are a possibility when moving office. Take your time to protect yourself. Create those back-ups, build that inventory and chain of custody, and work with a removal team that understands the scale of the situation.

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