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HDD Recovery Pro

System failures, damaged hard drives and corrupted partitions are an often cause of lost data and inaccessible disks. Regain access to corrupted disks and recover lost data with HDD Recovery Pro!
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The Undelete Company Support Center

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The Undelete Company strives to address all customer support issues, sales and technical questions within one business day during our working hours.

You’re welcome to contact us with questions even if you’re evaluating our products or simply reading about them on our Web site.

While we aim to address every single question, at times we have higher than regular support load. If this is the case, paid customers will be given priority when

Please feel free to contact our customer support team by either filling out the form below or sending an email to our technical support address:

Technical support:

User Step-by-Step Tutorials

Downloaded one of our tools and not sure what to start from, or just wondering what these tools do and how to use them? Feel free to check out these tutorials. They'll help you master our tools, and give you an idea of how they work before you even launch them.

The Undelete
Step-by-Step Tutorial

HDD Recovery Pro
Step-by-Step Tutorial

NTFS Data Recovery
Step-by-Step Tutorial

D-Photo Recovery
Step-by-Step Tutorial

Priority Support

Some cases are more urgent than others, and some customers jobs depend on how fast their issues are addressed. If you are in need of immediate assistance, you are encouraged to subscribe to our Priority Support service for $39.95 per annum. Subscribers to our Priority Support will receive guaranteed assistance within 24 hours, 7 days a week.

License Key Retrieval

Purchased one of our products a while ago, used it once and lost your license key? We’ll be more than happy to retrieve your license key for you at no charge. In order for us to be able to find your license code in our database, we’ll need as much information about your original order as possible.

Please contact supplying as much information from the following list as you can:

  • Product Name

  • E-mail address used at the time of ordering

  • Name of person or organization the license key was issued to

Help Us Help You

When contacting our support team, you’ll be asked questions to help us help you you’re your technical issues. You can skip this step, going directly to second-tier support by supplying the answers in your first message. Tell us as much about the issue as you can, and we’ll be able to help you sooner!

  • Your Windows version

  • Types of files/documents/images etc. you are about to recover

  • Type of storage media you are going to recover (e.g. a hard drive, SSD, USB drive, memory card, digital camera etc.)

  • File system (FAT or NTFS), only if you know it

  • How long ago the data loss has occurred

Contact The Undelete Support Team

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Please submit your reviews, comments, suggestions, use cases or whatever comes to mind. Can we do better? Tell us! We'll be grateful for any feedback.

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